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The Dabblers’ Book Club

Local book club politics taking its toll? No one laughing at your Alan Partridge references?

The Dabblers’ Book Club is here for you! We’re a book podcast for people who’ve never read Chaucer… and probably never will.

If you:

  • like books and/or need a nudge to keep reading
  • swear a lot
  • went to state school
  • feel like you’re not qualified enough to talk about books
  • have no one to talk to about your latest read
  • can’t stand pretentious book chat (think Wuthering Heights on Peep Show)

then this is the podcast for you!

Want to join The Dabblers’ Book Club? Add these Books to your TBR pile now and listen to the podcast!

Our latest episode on ‘Never Let Me Go‘ is live…

Here’s that Peep Show clip

General DBC disclaimer: we’re not book specialists; we’re not professional reviewers; we don’t have PhDs in literature; we sometimes don’t have the vocab to express exactly what we want in the most articulate way. We try to be as fair to the authors and as celebratory as possible, while still expressing how we feel about the books we pod. Please accept our apologies in advance for any slips of the tongue or assumptions made or characters we’ve forgotten or plots we’ve misunderstood. If we’ve said anything problematic or factually incorrect and it’s causing you to lose sleep or rant at your nearest and dearest, please let us know. Of course, if you just absolutely agree or disagree or with us on anything, tell us – we want to hear from you!